Games Night 25th November


Four of us today, no sign of A.

Played Dominion as voted by PH and provided by PN.

Kicked off with ‘The Good Life’ suggested game from the Prosperity expansion featuring:
Contraband; Counting House; Hoard; Monument; Mountbank; Bureaucrat; Cellar; Chancellor; Gardens & Village.
Also enjoyed the addition of the expensive ‘Colony’ and ‘Platinum’ cards, not that I got much of a look in there.
A fourty-minute game that saw PH dominate somehow and ‘Bureaucrat’ become a dirty word.

A second round of the same took barely twenty minutes and saw PN achieve the crowning glory of doing better than anyone else.

The rapidity of the second round incurred a third and a change to the ‘Biggest Money’ suggested game also of Prosperity.
This featured: Bank; Grand Market; Mint; Royal Seal; Venture; Adventurer; Laboratory; Mine; Moneylender & Spy.
One hour later, and after many declarations of ‘Spy!’ due to that being all that anyone could afford for the first part of the game, PN again achieved victory, but then he does play this more, being his game and all.

Games Night 11th November

No PN, so just the three of us again.
Managed to coincide not bothering to get any of the games down with PH bringing Puerto Rico.
With three players this made for a much faster game with MC finally remembering how to play though only well enough to come third in both games. PH took all the glory in the first game with a big 47. A repeated 47 in the second game was only just shy of first place which went to PM who stymied all our big buildings by choosing the captain over the mayor and finishing off the victory points – more had to be scrounged from the box for the other players.
Two games in two hours, not bad at all there.