Games night 16th December

The results are in from the new game voting system and six games had one vote each: Puerto Rico, Small World, StarCraft, Space Crusade, Dominion and Railroad Tycoon. However, as no one bothered to check this to see if they were supposed to bring anything with them, only three of these were ‘in house’. Made the decision making process a little easier, though.
Space Crusade was chosen.
The fearsome alien hoards were controlled by MC.
The indefatigable Blood Angels were indisposed as PM got their dates mixed up and found themselves home alone with the children.
PH led the wet-behind-the-ears Ultramarines.
PN once again took charge of the battle-hardened Imperial Fists.
We played mission one from the mission rule book as PH hadn’t played this game before and we’re a player down. The goal – Hunt down and destroy the Dreadnought.
The Ultramarines were first into battle and mostly encountered the small fry Gretchins and Orcs and were severely hampered by PH’s inability to roll anything significant. The Imperial Fists, meanwhile, quickly found themselves deep into enemy territory and taking out aliens and Chaos Marines with aplomb. The Imperial Fists suffered the first two casualties and an Ultramarine got shot in the back by a Gretchin. A Genestealer took down a second Ultramarine before being eliminated.
The secondary objective was met with the destruction of the solitary android by the Imperial Fists who had also wiped out the Chaos Marine Commander and his heavily armed number two.
Even with its heavy weapons quickly taken out, the Dreadnought tore into the Imperial Fists leaving only the commander standing while the Ultramarines ineffectually swatted at it from behind. Finally the Imperial Fists commander took the Dreadnought out leaving the Alien player nought to do but turn event cards while the surviving marines high-tailed it back to their docking stations. A second Genestealer popped out at the last minute and tore an Ultramarine to shreds as his squad dived to safety.
Final scores:
Ultramarines: 10
Aliens: 55
Imperial Fists: A hundred and something.
Well done PN!