Games Night 24th February

Four players this time, first time for a while.
StarCraft, Quarriors! and Small World all had equal top votes, so we played Trains, provided by PH.
After getting to grips with the rules – which wasn’t all that hard at all really – PM kicked off, having been the one having most recently ridden on a train.
The game lasted about 50 minutes with PM winning and MC in a close second place. PH, whose game it is, came last.
A different board and card set saw MC plunge in with the kick-off and 50 minutes later PM was triumphant once more, by a very comfortable margin too. PH experimented to see if the cards alone would be sufficient to win and came in second. Despite nicking most of MC’s stations, PN finished 1 whole point behind him.
We all enjoyed the game but unanimously agreed that Dominion and Quarriors! are better. It was even said during the game that Trains was basically Dominion but different enough to not receive legal action.