Games Night 9th June

Small 2
Smallworld this week. No PN, who managed to overdo it in the sun and needed a lie down.
We tried the cards again, despite their detrimental effect on the game last time. Made for a very interesting start where round 2 saw us having to pass our active races to the left. This meant buying a race that you got one turn with, and then would need to try and conquer. Dragonmaster Gypsies proved to be a devastating race for PH to pass to MC who used the dragon quite ruthlessly. PM later acquired Bivouacking Trolls that pretty much made a goodly chunk of the board unplayable for the other players. Berserker Pixies were another powerful race that MC acquired. PH, however was able to do sufficiently well with Seafaring Elves (he wanted to link the two seas but with PM’s Bivouacking Trolls in the way, that was not going to happen) and Underground Kobolds and tied with MC in 1st place with 83 Victory Points (we forgot about the active token count in the event of a tie – MC had Corrupt Pygmies (10) and PH had Barricade Barbarians (13) both unattacked, so well done PH – you won!!!). PM ended with 78.
The cards certainly gave us pause to think, on occasion – and came in very handy where we forgot to move the round counter forward (round number = number of cards played +1). This time, we feel they did add to the game.