Games Night 7th July

StarCraft the Board Game was the game of the night.
Despite the full intention to get it set up early, a last minute crisis meant that didn’t happen. We finally got going by twenty to nine.
PH chose randomly and ended up as James Raynor, MC followed suit and randomly pulled out The Overmind. PM chose Tassadar.
The Zerg and the Terrans quickly found themselves battling over a planet with 2 victory points, resulting in an eventual strategic withdrawal by the Zerg. Tassadar rapidly took over their uncontested area of the Kropulu sector and only had to wait for Phase III so his Special Victory could be claimed.
Raynor outclassed the others on points and declared how rubbish the Zerg are. The Overmind proved how rubbish the Zerg are by taking on the Terrans and the Protoss simultaneously and attained the Special Victory and stopped the Protoss getting theirs.