Games Night 13th October

This week the game voting thingummy has had the most ever votes.
Small World came out on top with double the nearest runner up with 2 votes.
No PN this week citing illness.
MC and PH sit down to play Cthulhu Gloom while waiting for PM to turn up, only for PM to turn up so Cthulhu Gloom went back into the box.
MC kicked off with Heroic Humans who suffered at the hands of PH’s Berserker Gypsies and PM’s Dragonmaster Elves. Imperial Kobolds took over where the Heroic Humans left off and had a short but impressive innings. After falling foul of the Dragon, the Gypsies moved on and Barbarians rose from the Underground and caused much ruckus. The Elves departed to the Undying Lands to make way for the Merchant Goblins who were stuck between a Kobold and a Barbarian place.
The battle concluded with the impressive Forest Shrubmen holding every Forest region, the Fireball Dwarves torn between getting more fireballs or points and the Hill Fauns failing to get many hills or Active Regions to conquer.
Final scores PH-99; PM-102; MC-115.
Lots of time left so Cthulhu Gloom was summoned forth and brought out of the box for the second time this evening. Two games played.
Game 1 saw much forgetting to read the card rules or knowing what the Moon symbol looks like. PM managed to kill off their family first with the final scores being: PH-10; MC-70; PM-75.
Game 2 was a much quicker round with PH making up for a poor last round by dispatching family members with reckless abandon. Final score: MC-55 (with only 1 death); PM-90; PH-95.
Everyone won something tonight, so no going griping on this blog.