Games night 3rd November

Four players this evening. Game of that night was:
as voted by MC – twice. What a good system this is.
The players:
MC picked the colour purple and played as the Shadow
PH was a green Macron
PM went for red and became the Sorcerer
PN was black and controlled the Will

Throughout the game MC cause destruction and Chaos, killing off ships using his Shadow ability. Though he could have been more ruthless as to which ships were sent to the warp.
MC took an early lead and maintained it for the majority of the game, resorting to destroying a planet to keep him in the lead.
PH repeated his previous performance and won the game, just like that.
PM kept going on about how bad he was at this, but attained 4 of the 5 points.
PN who hadn’t played this before wore a face of bemusement throughout this game.
Mutterings about this game being a bit random were dismissed as being meaningless ravings by someone winning a game twice and not really understanding how they did it.