Games Night 15th December

With 11 games each with 1 vote, Small World was eventually chosen.
JA’s first ever combo was Hoards Of Fauns who made way for the well-off Cursed Elves who bought the Ghoul’s ability so continued their reign of terror during the time of the Corrupt Halflings.
MC decided that you can never have enough Troll Lairs so picked the Hill Trolls who gave up it to the Fortified Shrubmen, and finished off as the Barricade Amazons.
PH Saw a potential in the Were-Kobolds that by round 2 was impossible to realise, Bivouacking Leprachauns fared much better and generated a nice pile of pots of gold, next, the Catapult Orcs caused much riot.
PM’s Dragonmaster Pygmies were undefeatable but were replaced by the Seafaring Ghouls and Behemoth Goblins.
JA got to grips with the game pretty quickly, one of the many plus points about this game.
The final results found PH in the lead, MC in second place, PM third and JA with a very reasonable score for a first time in fourth.
Mag-Blast finished the night off, the first time played with 4 players. We did keep true to the ‘sound effects’ rule, though many Blasts were performed with the minimum of enthusiasm. True to form, MC was annihilated first (though did last longer than the last time). PH then managed to dispatch JA and PM in one turn making him the undisputed ruler of Space. Despite this intending to be a quick finisher game, this did last the better part of an hour, MC ended up playing Small World 2 on his tablet.