Games Night 2nd February


Today the game was Small World: Underground. A game almost exactly the same as Small World, but with enough different with it to keep it interesting.
So, with just 3 this week we had:

Stone Will-o’-wisps
Shield Kraken
Muddy Mummies
Thieving Drows

Vampire Lizardmen
Tomb Cultists
Martyr Iron Dwarves and their Silver Hammers

Vengeful Ogres
Vanishing Shrooms
Immortal Shadow Mimes

Funky extra stuff was:

The Flying Doormat
The Sword Of The Killer Rabbit
The Fountain Of Youth
Stonehedge – Mining
The Mine Of The Lost Dwarf

Final Score:
PM-93 PH-108 MC-109

A single round of Gloom finished the evening off.
PM killed off their family first and won by a single point with PH coming in 2nd for the second time this evening. MC was a bit further behind.

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