Games Night 23rd February

Leaving it deliberately late, JA turned up first for a change.
With Ticket to Ride being the most voted for, only newly acquired Boss Monster sat on the table.
JA and MC kicked off only for PH to turn up, get dealt in and win while PM (following a homework hiatus) looked on and glanced incomprehensively at the rulebook. He hadn’t twigged we were the Monsters trying to kill the Heroes. A shaky victory, however, PH cheated by having six room.
Ticket to Ride was kindly provided by PH and the rules were once again run through – it’s been a while.
JA (Black) and MC (Blue) kicked off by connecting some of the easier to do routes, while PH (Green) and PM (Red) bided their time, collecting greater numbers of cards. PH conquered the 8 carriage route. No one resorted to using their Stations.
At game end, JA came in the top ten with 4th place scoring 85. MC did just enough to earn the bronze with 91. PM blazed on ahead into 2nd place with 113. Train enthusiast and owner of every train game I’ve heard of terminated in 1st place with 123. No one lost points due to unfinished routes.

Boss Monster was brought out again, and this time with a better understanding of the rules.

JA = cere MC = Sedu
PH = king PM = Cleo

JA implemented PH’s earlier strategy and got caught cheating with having 6 rooms and PM cheating by having started off with an Advanced room. MC either didn’t cheat, or wasn’t caught out. Either way, PM cheated the best and won with 13 souls, MC attained 11, PH found himself with 10 and JA needs to practice cheating a bit more as he got 9.