Games Night 23rd March

Boss monster and & wonders were the games of the evening.


JA was: BMA002_Xyzax, MC was: Cleo and PH found himself being BMA001_Draculord.
We had a much better grasp of the game and no one was accused of cheating. MC won with 10 souls and 3 wounds, PH had 4 souls and 1 wound. My notes are too indecipherable and I’ve left it too long to state what JA got.
With PM now here, 2 rounds of 7 Wonders were next


Round 1 saw PM take the lead closely followed by MC and JA then PH. PM had an app that was supposed to help with the scoring…not sure how helpful it was.
Round 2 saw MC win by 6 points with PH and PM joint second and JA finishing in the top 5. Scoring was done using a pencil and paper.

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