Games Night 20th April

9 votes and 9 different games voted on.
With just 3 players this week we settled on Puerto Rico.
MC did his best to re-enact the Boston Tea Party by bunging the majority of his goods into the sea. No mention in history of the Puerto Rico Indigo Party, though.
Final scores:
MC: 49
PH: 57
PM: 65

There was a weird shadow over Bedford so we summoned Cthulhu Gloom from Innsmouth.
A vicious game of 3-way being nice to each other’s families.
Despite this despicable kindness, PM was able to bump off his entire family.
Final scores:
MC: 105
PH: 190
PM: 205

A very well done to games master PM, defeater of all!
PH was consistent as first loser.
MC managed the top 3 in both games.

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