Games Night 11th May

With PH getting Dominion for his birthday, it was only natural that this was the game of the night. Of course, the long-absent Dominion owner PN also managed to join us.

2 rounds were played using suggested decks from the Seaside expansion.

Round 1: Reach For Tomorrow
The Cards: Adventurer, Cellar, Council Room, Cutpurse, Ghost Ship, Lookout, Sea Hag, Spy, Treasure Map, Village
This saw a low-scoring game thanks to many a Sea Hag being bandied about.
Final score:
MC: 9
PH: 14
PM: 26
PN: 14

Round 2: Repetition
The Cards: Caravan, Chancellor, Explorer, Festival, Militia, Outpost, Pearl Diver, Pirate Ship, Treasury, Workshop
Pirate Ships aplenty here meant that an awful lot of cash cards were trashed cards and a longer game.
Final score:
MC: 19
PH: 37
PM: 21
PN: 43

Following this was PN’s introduction to:
MC: Seducia 9
PH: Gorgona 11
PM: Draculord 5
PN: Robobo 2

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