Games Night 13th July

After last week’s postponement, games night finally went ahead.
Three this week.
Top voted game was:
With all of 2 votes.
Played the American side and saw PH get blocked off pretty quickly, followed closely by PM. MC managed to push into phase 2 which opened up the board again with PH quickly getting blocked once more. Unfortunately the salvation that comes with phase 3 never arrived with MC building his 17th power plant.
Final scores:
MC: 12 of 18 cities powered.
PH: 9 cities powered and the capacity to power 11.
PM: 11 of 15 cities powered.
Horay for MC.

A quick game this time with PM playing the event removing one of each family member, MC getting the story that allows living family members to score and PH saving PM’s last family member from a cruel fate before bestowing something unpleasant to his.
Final scores:
MC: 100
PH: 195
PM: 140
An excellent score with only 4 members of the family. PH knows how to bump ’em off with style.

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