Games Night 31st August

With the holidays been and gone, the first post-summer gathering consisted of all of two game-ready people.
MC and PH.

The first game was MC’s latest acquisition:
Smash Up
PH chose to be Steampunk Innsmouth while MC tried his luck at Giant Ant Super Spies.
PH managed to dominate the The Locals but the +1 power tokens of the Giant Ants gave MC the 18-16 win.

PH provided:
Bonnie and Clyde
Despite and badly written rules both players managed to get to grips with the game which saw the goal being reached in three hands with a 114-84 win to MC.

Smash Up was returned to for the finish up.
This time MC was Alien Shapeshifters while PH was Zombie Cyborg Apes. PH found himself with a very large hand thanks to resurrecting Zombies and the Aliens returning played cards to his hand. Another close game with MC bettering PH with a 15-13 finish.