Games Night 24th September


For our first games night in the Thursday slot nobody had voted for anything so PH chose StarCraft the Board Game. Factions were chosen at random with MC ending up as James Raynor, PH as Tassadar, PM as the Overmind and PN as the Kerrigan the Queen of Blades. By the time we were set up, it was 9pm. With only a cursory reminder of the rules, Tassadar started off the proceedings. Both Raynor and Tassadar claimed planets with 2 victory points on them. The secondary empty planets were subsequently claimed within the first round. Kerrigan kicked off hostilities first sending the purple Zerg forces through a handy z-axis lane to Tassadar’s starting world, Torus – the most contested in the game because of its single 2 VP region. Tassadar successfully held back the initial attack before succumbing to a subsequent one also by Kerrigan, who by this time have very few forces left. Meanwhile, the Overmind quietly accumulated its forces and Raynor attempted to sneak onto Kerrigan’s resource planet, forgetting to build a transport put paid to his initial attempt – as seen in the photo (at the back with the purple Zerg forces attacking the yellow Protoss forces, battlers are currently choosing their battle cards while MC and PM look on):
Tassadar once again kicked Kerrigan’s forces back off of his planet once more.
It was at this point that PN realised he misread his starting unit list and had Mutalisks instead of Hydralisks giving him an unfair aerial advantage – fat lot of good that did him. The Overmnind then strode forth into the war-torn planet with his newly evolved Guardian. He then suffered a chronic case of rubbish cards and got booted of again. Raynor successfully took Kerrigan’s secondary planet and claimed his 7th resource region when the 3rd phase came into being and winning, having attained Jim Raynor’s Special Victory requirement. A close call though, Tassadar was leading on the score track with the end in sight and the Overmind had amassed a large army ready to do untold Zerg damage to either Raynor or Tassadar. Kerrigan’s forces were looking a little sorry for themselves and with Raynor’s invading Goliaths claiming precious resources, the chances of bouncing back would have been slim.
Total game time: 90 minutes, which is very impressive for a four-player game.

Games Night 14th September

3 players this week:

Cosmic Encounters

Was the game of choice.

MC was black and chose the Merchant PH was green and picked the Magician PN was orange and was the Disease

MC had the honour of going first and did appalingly throughout acquiring a total of two new colonies, one of which was blown up along with the planet thanks to PN’s technology.

PN led a devastating attack and shot up through the scoreboard, before losing wind and many ships. The loss of three home colonies removed his Disease ability which further hampered him.

PH Played a deceptively conservative game, and once MC and PN had burned themselves out, calmly went on to win.

Well done PH.

With plenty of time left,

Smash Up Core Set

was brought forth (a surprisingly popular one).

MC tried out the Wizard Kitty Cats and won with 16 (but -1 for MADNESS)

PH went all freaky-mad with the Miskatonic University Elder Things. He finished with 14 (and a negative MADNESS point)

PN chose the Ghost Cyborg Apes. A contradictory hand and built up the hand with the apes but needed a small hand for the Ghosts. 8 was the finish there.

Games Night 7th September

Four players tonight.
The game?:
Smash Up Core Set
MC took on the role of Zombie Dinosaurs.
PH was Mad Scientist Tricksters.
PN tried out the Pirate Geeks.
PM became Steampunk Killer Plants.
PN quickly mastered the progressive Killer Plants mechanic whereas PM managed to attain a hand devoid of minions. PH made good use of the power tokens. MC became victorious, though it was a close run thing.
A coin was tossed to determine whether we give it another go or play Power Grid.
Smash-Up Won.
MC attempted the Robot Time Travellers.
PH controlled the Alien Dinosaurs.
PM gambled on the Ninja Princesses.
PN took on the Wizard Giant Ants.
This time PM was the victor, don’t mess with Ninja Princesses!

In all the game was well received, though PH was a bit grumpy about it, but then that is four games of it he hasn’t won.