Games Night 7th September

Four players tonight.
The game?:
Smash Up Core Set
MC took on the role of Zombie Dinosaurs.
PH was Mad Scientist Tricksters.
PN tried out the Pirate Geeks.
PM became Steampunk Killer Plants.
PN quickly mastered the progressive Killer Plants mechanic whereas PM managed to attain a hand devoid of minions. PH made good use of the power tokens. MC became victorious, though it was a close run thing.
A coin was tossed to determine whether we give it another go or play Power Grid.
Smash-Up Won.
MC attempted the Robot Time Travellers.
PH controlled the Alien Dinosaurs.
PM gambled on the Ninja Princesses.
PN took on the Wizard Giant Ants.
This time PM was the victor, don’t mess with Ninja Princesses!

In all the game was well received, though PH was a bit grumpy about it, but then that is four games of it he hasn’t won.

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