Games Night 15th October

After much mucking about with the day and the house, we ended up in the usual place at the usual time.
Three of us this week.
Two rounds of:
Science Fiction Double Feature
In round 1:
MC was victorious with Robot Giant Ants with 15 points
PH came second with his Pirate Fairies with 12 points
PN came third as Mad Scientist Werewolves with 9 points.

Round two saw:
MC being third with Mythic Horses Minions Of Cthulhu with a measly 8 points (including -1 MADNESS)
PH score 15 with his Secret Agent Kitty Cats
PN got first place as the Shapeshifting Geeks with 16 points.

A bit of time left so we summoned forth:
Despite our collective efforts the overwhelming darkness was victorious with the Minions of Darkness Anti-Goal being played by PH.

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