Games Night 14th January

Happy New Year everybody!
A huge welcome back to PC, who was able to join us for the first time in years.
Christmas having been and gone, two new games were introduced this evening.
First up was Five Tribes.
Five Tribes
MC was blue, PC chose orange, PH went for black, PM was left with pink. After MC explained the rules, play commenced with the gang for the most part getting the hang of the game by the fourth round. The game came to a close once there were no legal moves left.
Final scores:
PC – 78
PM – 106
PH – 145
MC – 153
Knowing there wouldn’t be time to get a full game in, we then embarked in 3 of the 5 phases of PM’s new game:
The Castles Of Burgundy
After PM explained the rules, gaming commenced and quickly everyone at least had some idea as to what they were supposed to be doing.
We halted the game at the conclusion of the third phase leaving MC the only player yet to reach 100 points, PH in third place, PM in second and PC maintaining his massive lead from phase two being in first place.
Both games were well received and will very likely make repeat appearances soon.