Games Night 28th January

With PH replying only to PM’s email to the group that he was intending to attend and MC only knew of PM’s sign up and dismissed the event, PH and PM turned up anyway with The Castles of Burgundy and Power Grid. PM assures us that we can get Castles done in an hour and so should also fit Power Grid into the evening.
So The Castles of Burgundy it was.

The Castles Of Burgundy
We each chose our boards, more or less at random, MC (Blue) picked the one with the Knowledge circle in the middle because it looked nice. PH (Green) shot into an early lead (his board was the one with the 7-tiled city in the middle). He then went on to gain all 3 mines first and complet the central city, giving him a massive lead.
MC completed the Castles, and Knowledge first and a 5-tiled city which closed the gap. PM (Red) also scored via shipping and trades.
The game ended with PM trailing and MC and PH vying for first place. On the scoring track PH was still ahead with MC in a strong second.
At final scoring both PH and MC had a lot of points from Workers, Silverlings and Unsold Goods each, (PM had all of 4 points). However, it was MC’s bonus points that pushed him into first place. PM’s pushed him into 200+ meaning he could turn over his lap marker.
Final scores: PM-212; PH-245; MC-254
Game time: Nearly 2 hours.
With little time left to play Power Grid, MC fetched the ever popular Cthulhu Gloom.
MC was the first to bump off a family member, using a sneaky Untimely Death as a free play Event. PM assumed that the Modifiers with the pictures in the middle were also Untimely Deaths and so, at about ¾ of the way through the game, suddenly realised that only 2, instead of 4 of his family members had snuffed it.
In the end it was PH who shoved his last family member into an early grave. At this point MC noticed that PM had stolen back the Story he stole from PM who stole it from MC in the first place. This was the deciding factor for the final score.
The final score: PM-50; MC-135; PH-140
Congratulations PH!      -PM…Grrr!!!