Games Night 25th February

Tonight we were at PM’s house. The two top voted games were StarCraft the Board Game and Space Command – only the two biggest boxes I own!
We picked:
StarCraft The Board Game
AL played the megalomaniac Arcturus Mengsk, MC played the all-consuming Overmind and PM played Tassadar and grumbled that he never wins this game (SPOILER ALERT! – He didn’t).
We brought AL up to speed and the proceeded to play the quickest game of StarCraft I’ve ever played. There was one battle between the Terrans and Protoss, where the Terrans successfully wrenched control of a colony planet. Using a Lockdown successfully on a Dragoon was a nice touch. The Zerg managed to attain a second colony planet from the Protoss who decided to scarper than hold their ground. Having reached their Special Victory conditions, the Terrans pretty much sped through the Event deck until the 3rd Phase was reached. However, the Zerg also had achieved their Special Victory condition and, after much rummaging through the tome of a rule book, eventually found the tie-resolution on page 7. Both ‘winners’ also had the same number of normal Victory Points. Resources where then counted…MC-13, AL-14.
Hurray! AL won something.
With the game all packed up, and with plenty of time left we tried our hand at:
Incan Gold
AL chickened out quickly in the first round, but did better than the other two who got bitten by a snake. Subsequently, AL chickened out again, but more tactically, gaining him an idol. The snake struck again, this time affecting all three plucky archaeologists. The final round saw all three scarper out of there, with MC holding his courage the longest.

Final scores
AL 34
MC 42
PM 46

With still time left, we tried our stead hands at:
Animal Upon Animal
MC went on to win the one proper play through, despite some awkward placements, and almost single-handedly playing the first 7 turns of the game.
Further games were played, without the dice and PM’s stacking skills got progressively worse.