Games Night 14th April

Four players tonight and a new game to everyone.
Taj Mahal
While the board was set up and PH read out the incomprehensible rules MC played a quick game of Space Invaders.
Shplot! Shplot!
With only one UFO though, it was short lived.
And now the main game began. MC was told to play a card, so he did. This cause many issues and references again to the rulebook. After an age, comprehension finally dawned upon the four muppets present and PM finally played his card and the game was underway. It wasn’t until about 2 thirds of the way in when realisation dawned that the bonus white cards which were claimed pretty quickly had never been played or made any type of reappearance to the game. Again the rulebook was consulted. Ah! We get to steal them from each other when the tokens say we can. So, MC should have got the Princess first but then it goes to PM. That brief half-second was the only time in the entire game MC held a white card. PH had raced into the lead, but PM, now Princess assisted, quickly closed the gap along with AL who managed some decent province connections. MC was still in single digits and wondering what the hell he was doing wrong. During the final two provinces, he managed to step it up a bit, score a whole bunch of points and muck it up for PH big time as well as build the Taj Mahal. Was it enough? Nope, no it wasn’t.
End Game
Final scores: AL (Sand): 44, PH (Grey): 42, PM (Red): 41, MC (Blue): 23

With a bit of time left we decided to call forth:
Only a few rounds of which each player managed to play before AL killed it with an all-defeating Antigoal, which PM then played a Surprise, stealing victory for the jaws, claws and unmentionables of the Great Old Ones and looked smug about it too.

Games Night 7th April

Only two players this week.
Kicked off with:
King Of Tokyo
PH played as the thing that’s “the most green”. Also known as the Kraken.
MC played as the Bookie Woogie from the Halloween expansion.
With the simple rules quickly explained the mano e mano battle for Tokyo commenced. MC couldn’t roll anything of any merit. PH couldn’t stop rolling 3s. The game concluded with PH attaining 20 points with MC not far behind.

Colt Express rolled into play next.
MC played the mysterious Ghost while PH played the thieving Cheyenne. Ghost had no problems hitting a lady and did so very successfully too. At game end, neither player managed to get hold of one of the two available lockboxes. Ghost ended up with the most money, having removed 2 gems from Cheyenne.

Following on from this, the Ultramarines stormed the a space hulk in:
MC played the part of the gun-ho Space Marines whilst PH took on the role of the sinister forces of Chaos. The first mission was played. From the moment the boarding craft doors opened, the Space Marines were set upon by hoards of alien nasties who put up a resistance akin to warm butter. The Secondary Objective Android was a complete pushover as was the heavy weapon Chaos Marine and the Chaos Marine Commander.
All too easy
Things were looking good until a Genestealer made an appearance. The Ultramarine with the basic bolter was torn apart first, closely followed by the autocannon dude.
 Game over, man! Game over!
Despite a couple of decimating shots by the plasma rifle guy, the rocket launcher looney fell next. Finally the Genestealer fell to the frantic hackings of the sword wielding Ultramarine Commander.
 Pretty maids all in a row
The determined duo pushed on into a room holding the two Chaos Marines and a couple of Orcs.
It could be worse
A weapons malfunction saw the plasma rifle guy have to switch for a bolter just before the Dreadnaught joined the fray.
It's worse
Having used a handy medkit, the Commander dealt sword-swishing battle against the superior numbers whilst his companion in combat turn tail and ran screaming back to the landing craft. Despite taking a few of the enemy down, the Commander soon fell.
Leaving the Dreadnaught behind, the remaining hoard chased down the spineless Ultramarine hoping that another Genestealer would emerge from wherever it is they emerge. It didn’t and the last surviving Ultramarine dove back into the landing craft and to safety.
Final score: MC: 52, PH: 65