Games Night 19th May

This time, 3 of us tried our hand at: Shafausa.
MC played as the mysterious Sanagal, PH the Primitiva and AL tried the diminutive Shaufausa.
Rather than bamboozle everyone with the rules from the get-go, we learnt each of the seven phases as we played them. This meant that crucial aspects like buying buildings in phase 3, not being able to build them in phase 4 and learning that such inaction comes with a penalty in phase 5 took place. It didn’t help PH that he mistook a starting Iron mine as a Stone mine. The dark print looks cool, but was difficult to distinguish between the coal, stone and iron mines. Once it was established that PH did indeed have the capacity to produce Iron, he was able to build his buildings.

So this is what reflected-sound-of-underground-spirits is all about...
Using the crib sheet on the back of the rules, we were mostly able to maintain the turns without having to refer back to them. After a turn, the power cards for each player were read out and they made sense then.
PH chose to pay less bidding for turns with Privilege, AL went for the Forced Labour to produce extra resources and MC enjoyed paying less to speculate on the market with a Tax Rebate.
MC quickly headed off with a Copper mine and felt rather smug about that until AL somehow built himself a Gold mine.
AL was the first to fill their map and ended the game.
MC got a very reasonable 44.
PH got a much more reasonable 47.
AL blew MC and PH out of the water with an insane 80.
Well done AL!

Games Night 21st April

Not enough interest this week so postponed. AL didn’t check his email so turned up anyway.
Newly acquired
Dice Masters The Amazing Spider-Man

was already out and MC was learning how to play it. Being a 2-player we gave it a couple of goes. Firstly with the suggested start, which saw AL defeating MC quite happily. Round two saw the players choosing their own heroes and random action cards. MC picked heroes with stupidly high costs so barely gotten hold of anything before being flummoxed by AL again.
Fighting with dice

Very similar to Quarriors, with enough tweaks to make it its own game and an improvement over 2-player Quarriors.
Next up we tried our hand at
The Amazing Labyrinth
MC came off to a cracking start and ploughed through his item list, got stuck on one elusive item and AL finished with MC still with 1 item to find.
Hah! I’ve blocked you…no wait…
Another newly acquired game we tried was a memory game:
Open Sesame
Despite claiming that their memory was not up to scratch, AL was champion once more, mostly because MC kept pushing his luck.
Finally, we came up with a bunch of surprisingly unalterable words in
AL kicked off with Custard and we were tied most of the game until MC changed Custard into Mustardy. Final scores: AL: 197, MC: 230
Final board