Games Night 9th June 2016

This week AS made Board Games in Bedford an international thing by visiting us from France. Okay, he happened to be in the area at the time, he didn’t specifically fly on over here just for this event. Thank you for joining us. And a welcome back SF.

With PH still en route, four of us kicked of with a game of Fluxx.
As more and more new rules came out, this game got convoluted quickly. PH arrived and perused the latest tabletop Gaming magazine tabletop Gaming 5 from the pile kept handy for just such occasions. MC managed to kill off some of the more annoying rules before AL stole the Keeper he wanted from AS and won the game.
With all present, we moved onto the most voted for game, with 3 votes:
Ticket To Ride Europe
After explaining the Tunnel game mechanics to AL and AS as well as all the rules to SF, we all got cracking with placing our trains. MC optimistically kept all his tickets.
After a few rounds SF finally realised that he could use the cards he was accumulating in cute little piles in front of his to place his trains.
At about the 4th tunnel AL finally understood the mechanic (to be fair, the 1st 3 tunnels were built without any penalties, so made little impact).
AS played the game-ending move leaving MC with one 4-length tunnel and only 3 matching cards away from completing his big ticket!
The Final Map
PH utilised an app he happened to have handy for the scoring, which turned out thusly:

AL (Yellow) 59 train points, 10 longest route points, 30 completed ticket points: Total score: 99
AS (Blue) 78 train points, 26 completed ticket points, -8 incomplete ticket points: Total score: 96
MC (Black) 67 train points, 16 completed ticket points, -26 incomplete ticket points: Total score: 57
PH (Green) 63 train points, 36 completed ticket points: Total score: 99 and the winner due to the tie break condition as he had completed the most tickets
SF (Red) 57 train points, 20 completed ticket points: Total score: 77

With a bit of time left, we became gibbering, raving Cultists with
Munchkin Cthulhu
Always a risky game to be used as a filler, this one went on for over 90 minutes.
AL kicked off and very quickly built up a considerable armament as did PH. MC had a Go Up A Level as a starting card so did just that, SF took the slow and steady approach and AS found himself not doing very much at all.
MC then died horribly at the hands of some unwholesome awful thing.
Once resurrected, he promptly died again thanks to thanks to AL embiggening the unnameable terror.
He's dead Cultist, Jim
AS also managed to kill himself in a bid to get rid of his rubbish cards and start over, a ploy that worked well to get him off the starting block.
SF’s tried for the hat-trick by sending over a wandering Cthulhoo, with PH’s assistance this clash grew to epic proportions, which all came to nought as MC and PH managed to successfully run away.
PH came dangerously close to winning, but was thwarted by MC.
MC did kick the bucket for the third time before AL managed to attain the glorious heights of level 10.
Final scores (as near as I can remember them):
AL – 10
AS – 7 (1 death)
MC – 7 (3 deaths)
PH – 8
SF – 4