Games Night 16th June 2016

Greetings to LH, who found us through the tableTop Gaming website.
Origin, Race for the Galaxy and Seasons all had the top vote this week and all were new to us. The missing Origin cards turned up in the post yesterday morning.
SC was called upon to choose for us. She chose:
Race for the Galaxy

PH turned up while we were staring blankly at the unfathomable rules. Most of the first half of the game was spent as such. We had so many light bulb moments that some of the earlier light bulb moments went out and needed to be rediscovered.
Finally, we found a pretty playable game despite the rule’s best efforts to confound us. Those of us familiar with the workings of Puerto Rico benefited a little.
In the end, the military might that was MC and the gene farmer AL both had the 12 cards in their tableaux.
We think we know what we're doing
Final scores
AL 52 – Winner!
LH 20
MC 27
PH 33

Next, out came

With MC getting to grips with the rules the night before, we were much quicker getting started with this one.
As AL pointed out, it was the micro-management of the Power Cards that made this game longer than it needed to have been.
At about the halfway mark MC played Kairn the Destroyer and spammed it mercilessly for the rest of the game. AL complained about it, a lot – at least until he also got to play a Kairn the Destroyer.
LH suffered from a continual bout of not having enough Summoning.
Once the third, and final year came to a close, the final scores ended up being really close:
AL 191
LH 188
MC 200
PH 204 – Winner!

I do hope LH that your double crushing defeat hasn’t put you off coming back again.

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