Games Night 30th June 2016

This week LH hosted, and a good job of it he did too.
We felt compelled to become bandits and attempt to rob the Colt Express, twice.
Colt Express
First time played with the 5+ deck.
The rules were quickly explained, LH helpfully pointed out that lateral movement on top of the train can be up to 3 cars. We’ve only played it 1 carriage as it is in the train. With a train only 3-4 cars long, it’s never been an issue though. Good to know, however.
AL enjoyed a larger hand-size as Doc
LH managed all of 1 nifty thefts as Cheyenne
MC was all secretive as Ghost
Despite his charms, PH got hit a lot as Belle, mostly by MC
PM had little luck as Tuco but then became Django in the second, and fared a little better.
Being a game that’s much more interesting to watch or play, I’ll skip straight to the scores.

Game 1 Game 2
AL 2200 Gunslinger 750
LH 1500 1900 Gunslinger
MC 750 1700 Gunslinger
PH 900 1750
PM 0 1150

To conclude the evening we went to the realm of Eketorp.
AL manifested in the village of Barbara
LH took control of the village Eketorp
MC became chieftian of Ismantorp
PH was the head honcho of Sadby
PM emerged as warlord of Graborg
After a runthrough of the rules play quickly got underway. MC quickly secured the first stone brick and LH played a very aggressive game. AL didn’t like this game, but that didn’t stop bis rising bloodlust and he soon played as viciously as LH.

In the end, the game concluded inthe 10th round with no one finishing their village wall.
Final scores: LH-15; PM-17; PH-24; AL-25; MC-30
Yay! MC won something.

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