Games Night 25th August

Tonight’s offering was:
Fury Of Dracula
as provided by AL who borrowed it from a friend.
AL played the part of Dracula
MC became Lord Godalming
PH was Dr Seward
PM hunted as Mina Harker
SC joined us to become Van Helsing

The adventure kicked off with the four hunters scattered across the map, stumbling from one city to the next with very little to show for it. An event revealed recent activity in Hamburg. With MC being the closest to that locations, Lord Godalming gave chase. At this point Godalming had yet to acquire any items, he didn’t chase too keenly. As the other hunters converged Godalming encountered a vampire – that ran away. Closer came the other hunters. Godalming, once again, tracked down the fearsome fanged fiend – and it ran away again. Closer still came the other hunters.
On the third attempt, the bothersome bloodsucking baddie was no more. Inexplicably it successfully bit Godalming and, just like a bee apparently, that was the end of it.
We never did find out why he was so cross
With the hunters finally converged (Van Helsing started off in Edinburgh), they gave chase into Russia, as Dracula assumed his wolf-form.
Van Helsing encountered a mighty meddling minion, whom she dispatched with aplomb (and apommigranet). However, it was an enduring example of evil and came back for seconds. This time, the elderly Van Helsing was outmatched and nearly snuffed it before finally smiting the smelly suck-up to suckers.
After Dracula was forced to reveal his location, Mina Harker pounced, got in a couple of punches before Dracula managed to give the hunters the slip, or thought he had. Sensing the bold move for what it was, Godalming, now equipped with a bunch of decent vampire vanquishing vittles, doubled back, found him, got bit and subsequently lost all his gear and spent the rest of the game in hospital playing Alhambra on his Tablet.
Van Helsing then closed in on the dreaded demon of dangerous dentures and had to face off with another snivelling subordinate suckerphile. This too was an enduring one. The doddering Van Helsing had barely any puff left when that mirthless minion was mashed. One brief encounter with the cruel caped count saw Van Helsing air-lifted to the hospital in a non-crashing type of dirigible. With the dawning of a new day, Dracula was victorious.

To finish off the evening we played three rounds of:
The Resistance
This is one of those games that cannot really be written up and give it any type of justice, so I’ll focus on the highlights.
Round 1 saw PH and PM as being the Spies. They were successful in thwarting the 5th and final mission.
Round 2 saw MC and PM as being the Spies. They were successful in thwarting the 5th and final mission.
Round 3 saw MC and PM reprising their Spyish ways. MC took a gamble on this one and failed the 3rd Mission (the 2 agent one). So MC or SC was definitely a spy. But which one? With 2 failed missions already PM was chosen to go on the 4th mission. Like a muppet he let the mission succeed (sorry, but this was his third consecutive turn at being a spy!). MC died inside a little bit. With SC to choose, there was no way she was going to let MC go on the mission. But who should she take? PM and PH both let the previous mission succeed, but was that a gaff? In the end PM was chosen to go on the mission and did manage to do his job and fail the mission.

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