Games Night 1st September 2016

Two games this week.
The first was:
Escape From The Aliens In Outer Space
Being beginners, we played the Galilei map, but included the item cards in the mix.
Once the players began creeping about the darkened interior of the ship, it was very quickly apparent that MC and AL were the humans and SC and SF were the Aliens. SC (the fast alien) raced down to where the hapless humans were fleeing towards escape hatch 3 while SF took a more circuitous route via escape pod 4. When the humans realised that they were both trying for escape hatch 3 with SC right on their tail, they both did a quick switch and high-tailed it to escape hatch 4, oblivous to the fact that the other human also did so. At one point SC moved onto MC’s sector, but MC (the Engineer) kept it quiet and managed to slip on by. Both humans blundered past SF, who also missed his quarry as he too moved upon escape hatch 3.
AL (the Medic) beat MC to escape hatch 4 by 3 sectors and successfully launched. MC then detoured to escape hatch 1, while SF jumped about escape hatch 4 and SC hunted about escape hatch 2. MC reached escape hatch 1 and successfully launched, leaving the two aliens perplexed.
On an interesting side note, despite there being 40 clearly marked location boxes numbered in rows, no two players managed to fill the boxes in the same way. SC chose to go against convention and worked down the page, AL managed to miss noting a turn’s move entirely, SF included the spaces he skipped over when he moved 2 sectors and MC managed to fill them in in sequential order. I’m not saying whose way was best, but there were better ways and not so good ways and just plain different ways.

Next up was:
Cosmic Encounters

AL (purple) played as the Empath
MC (black) operated as the Observer
SC (orange) explored as the Deuce
SF (yellow) became the Cudgele

The four aliens were pretty evenly matched, however AL was able to wheedle his way onto the offensive side and also successfully Negotiate enough times to comfortable win the game.
Cosmic Ending
AL won with 5
MC scored 2
SC scored 3
SF scored 2

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