Games Night 8th September 2016

Tonight we thought we’d play PM’s new game where square footage is an actual thing to score points with:
Castles of Mad King Ludwig
However, while waiting for him to turn up, we played:

About halfway through the first round, PM turned up.
Stopped at the end of the round with AL at 10, MC at 9 and PH at 8.

PM kindly explained the rules and the significance of square footage. I promised to use square footage in this write up. So: Square Footage!!!
The four favours of the night were:
Number Of corridors
Square footage of corridors
Square footage of gardens
Square footage of recreational rooms
Not really a game needing a blow, by blow account. Lots of thinking happened, particularly with the Masters Builders and what order the rooms should be in the shop.
This is what it looked like near the beginning:
Getting started
This is what it looked like at the end:
It's all over but the scoring

Key moments:
Anything to do with square footage.
PH’s lack of square acreage (his castle is in the bottom right in the above photo)
MC going skint.
AL going for the most ‘aesthetic’ castle.
PM investing heavily in L-shapes and bedrooms and L-shaped bedrooms.
MC investing heavily in recreational rooms.
PH interpreting the flame symbol (Flame/Onion) for living rooms as an onion, so onions rooms they were.
A discussion on the game’s title and whether that meant the castles themselves needed to be mad…
Final scores:
AL:- 123
MC:- 122
PH:- 140
PM:- 110
Yes, that’s right, we all beat the only person who’s played this game before.
Player of the night awarded to AL for winning a round of Rumble in the House, making the most aesthetic castle, and making a point to appreciate everyone elses castles from a practical perspective, i.e. how would a visitor literally move through the castles and room accessibility.