Games Night 29th September 2016

Despite the promise of a goodly number turning up, we had all of three in the end.
And what did we play?
We played:
Five Tribes
AL played as the orange camels
Black camels MC played as he did.
The camels that were blue were played by PH.

MC kicked off with the first move, netting three elders and the Djinn Boaz. More stuff happened after that which would not make wholly entertaining reading so we’ll jump to the scores after the obligatory photo at about six turns into the game:
Five Tribes and Artisans

AL: 183, dominated the rescource cards, Djinns Palm Trees and Artisans with 51, 26, 18 and 18 points
MC: 156, dominated the viziers with 27 points
PH: 161, dominated the camels and artifacts with 66 and 25 points.

Well done AL!

…and that was it, we must have been tired that night.

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