Games Night 13th October 2016

A warm welcome to EM this week.
While waiting for PH, we decided to start off with:
Rumble in the House
with the intention of getting about a round in and then PH turning up. As it happens, we managed all 3 rounds with the scores being: AL-25, MC-24, SF-21, EM-20.
Rumbling in the house
While discussing which game to play (no votes this week) PH turned and and we decided to make him choose.
He chose:
Cosmic Encounter
The races we became were:
AL Trader, Orange
EM Sorcerer, Yellow
MC Ethic, Purple
PH Virus, Green
SF Mercenary, Black
Significant events:
The Virus and Trader races were switched.
MC, PH and SF all lost their racial ability.
The Hazard card making all inactive racial abilities active again.
PH losing almost all his ships to the Warp
EM not having a single alien colony in their home system, despite our best efforts.
MC getting about a third of the deck as his hand.
Playing Cosmic Encounter
Final scores:
AL: 4
EM: 5
MC: 3
PH: 4
SF: 0
Well done EM. Tough luck PH, this is the first time you didn’t win this game.

Games Night 6th October 2016

Thanks to my sterling recruitment and advertising skills, we have all of three players tonight.
The first game of the night was almost chosen at random.
MC (Yellow) and PM (Red) started off at a dead run, leaving PH (Green) all bemused at the start line. However, about 3/4 of the way round, MC came to a complete standstill leaving PM to cross the finish line and PH in second place.

After weeks of bringing it back and forth unplayed, we finally played PM’s:
PM dominated the King for most of the game, MC had it briefly before PM reclaimed it. However, with cunning use of the Assassin and Thief, MC was able to accumulate and safeguard funds enough to be the first to complete his Citadel with all coloured buildings including 3 purple buildings. Finishing with the Architect (Warmonger was Assassinated) also meant that no-one could do anything about it.

Playing Citadels
Final scores:
MC: 37
PH: 21
PM: 20
Yes, that’s right, MC finally won something.

With a bit of time left (mind you everyone scarped this time last week) we summoned forth:
Cthulhu Gloom
After accidentally shuffling in the families, the game quickly got under-way.
It wasn’t long before MC acquired a powerful trio of cards: An event card that discarded a played Untimely Death, a story card that allowed the free plays of event cards and a modifyer that allowed the drawing of cards to come from the discard pile. Needless to say, other players’ family members didn’t stay dead for long. Finally a remove all modifiers was played by PH nerfing MC’s control of a certain event card. MC responded by playing the event that removed one family member from each family from the game, allowing PM to accidentally dispose of the critical family member that would have allowed him to steal the story card off of MC
Playing Cthlhu Gloom
In the end it was PH who successful killed off his entire family, permanently.
Final scores:
MC: -155 with 3 dead
PH: -105 with 4 dead
PM: -150 with 3 dead
The smug award goes to MC.