Games Night 10th November 2016

This week, PH wanted to make sure his

would fit its giant board into Denis.
It did.
For the most part, everyone who didn’t employ whatever technique MC (purple) was attempting, moved their trains the score track quite happily. MC’s train needed pushing.
As per usual PH (green) left the rest in the dust, though AL (yellow) and EM (black) did keep him in sight. SF (red) seemed content in keeping one step ahead of MC.
By the end, PH did briefly enjoy life on the other score track, but the shares pulled him back to join everyone else.
Final scores:
AL: 40
EM: 44
MC: 18
PH: 48
SF: 23
Of course, being a game with maps and trains, PH is the winner – though not by much, considering EM has never played this before.

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