Games Night 17th November 2016

Tonight’s games was a 3 player outing of:

MC kicked off by spending all of his money on 8 drilling rigs, 2 gas stations and 1 refinery.
PH and EM spent more conservatively with 1 refinery, 1 gas station and numerous drilling rigs.
A surprisingly small number of doubles was rolled during this game, forcing the selling price of gasoline down to single figures with just a few doubles to push it up.
At no point was either Prosperity nor Recession reached.
PH was the first to strike oil.
By the time EM struck oil and could afford their one and only pumping station, it retailed at $90 million dollars.
MC announced their reaching of the billion.

At game end the final net worth of each player was:
EM: $795,000,000
MC: $1,967,000,000
PH: $1,895,000,000
Hooray for MC!

To round off the evening, we finished of with a game of:

EM played as Time Travelling Steampunks or Steampunk Time Travellers
MC played as Zombie Warriors or Warrior Zombies
PH played as Orc Fairies or Fairy Orcs

Final scores:
EM: 18
MC: 9
PH: 9
Well done EM, you wiped the floor with both of us.