Games Night 24th November 2016

This week we played the most voted for game with all of 1 vote which was

A new one for EM and PH, and the first time we played it as a 5-player game. Two plays of this tonight.
SC in the other room helpfully chose 2 random numbers 4 and 7 meaning we played the Volta and Morgenland maps.
With 5 players being an odd number, the aliens were in the majority (an odd rule there).
The alien formerly known as MC tore into PH then raced on to dispatch AL. Not sure what the other 2 aliens were doing…
The game lasted all of 6 rounds.
Aliens for the Win (at this point everyone who is not AL).
Fot the *** board, we switched the rule so the humans were in the majority.
Alien & Human cards dealt out…
The alien formerly known as AL pounced on a sector next to Escape Pod 2 where 2 individuals were believed to be (the alien formerly known as MC and the very lucky SF), they even flat out said they were both there. Nope.
However SF’s luck quickly changed as MC’s alien killed him.

The now super-fast MC alien charged off to dispatch EM who was lingering about between Escape pods 1 and 2.
PH, who was hiding below pod 2 all this time quietly hopped in and made his merry way off the ship.
Despite the smaller layout, the game lasted a couple of rounds longer.
Everyone wins (as long as they weren’t EM).
PH wins the Signing-Off award for being the only human to actually achieve what the game title is and being the last survivor.
MC wins the Xenomorph award for being a starting alien in both rounds, being the only alien to score a kill and killing 4 humans.

With a bit-o-time left,

was dug up.

AL started out as Vampire Gnomes and concluded as Immortal Drows
EM began as Wise Kraken and ended up as Muddy Shrooms.
MC burned through Tomb Lizardmen and Frightened Flames before finishing up as Martyr Mudmen.
PH kicked off with Shield Ogres and left the pitch as Magic Mummies
SF played as those Flocking Liches until he moved on to the Stone Cultists.

Noteworthy mentions:
PH’s Magic Mummies possession of Stone Hedge saw them flailing at their foes with 3 Stinky Trolls Socks.
MC’s Frightened Flames’ devastating debut, closely followed by the hammering they received from the endless swarms of Magic Mummies and a Balrog.
AL’s disdain for Froggy’s Ring.
The winning loot sat on the Immortal Drows as claimed by AL.
End result:
AL won with 84
EM came in second with 81
MC got the bronze with 75
SF missed out on a medal with 71
PH was in the top 5 with 68

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