Games Night 1st December 2016

This week we finally decided on:
Catan Seafarers
EM and PH had not played the Seafarers expansion before and the rest had not played it as a 5-6 player game before.
We chose the Foggie Islands scenario with the added excitement of all the gaps being filled in with the land tiles upside-down.
Once all the starting settlements were put into place, we all looked on dumbfounded as it was terribly apparent that we were deviod of all sense by not claiming any of the forest tiles (excepting for PH, but you can probably guess where the bandit spent most of the game).

Stuff was built, land was found, armies were raised (EM), roads were long (AL) and the game was won (AL).
Final scores:
AL: 12
EM: 7
MC: 3
PH: 4
SF: 4
Well dones are in order for AL!
MC go and hang your head in shame!

2 thoughts on “Games Night 1st December 2016

  1. I’ve had seafarers sitting for like 2 years unplayed. I need to get around to it, especially as I have played a lot of Settlers in that time.

    Does it make a big difference to the game?

    • Yes it does.
      For starters it introduces 2 new tiles: Gold Mines that allow for ANY resource when rolled and Sea tiles that don’t do anything but hold the new Bandit character the Pirate – behaves the same was as a Bandit except stops Ships being built there.
      Ships are used to traverse the waters (1 Wood and 1 Sheep) and count towards the longest road.
      There are a number of Scenarios that give an extra layer of replayability to the game.
      If Catan is getting old for you, do give it a go, play each scenario and you’ll find Catan all interesting again. Possibly.

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