Games Night 15th December

Just 3 of us this week.
We played
Race for the Galaxy
A new one for PH.
Just about long enough since the last time to not totally remember how to play it. Got there in the end though.
PM managed to fill his tablau first with PH also completing his by the turn end. Not sure what MC was playing at. He had done the midnight showing of Rogue One that morning so was a bit out of it. Not that that excuse could have been used for his performance at Catan last week.

Final scores:
MC: 18
PH: 24 with cheating
PM: 34 with cheating
Yes, that’s right. Cheating! Though there was a certain amount of not knowing what he was doing. First off we had PH placing Developments instead of Settlements, and secondly we had PM’s non-producing planets Producing. PM said he’d knock 5 points off his final score…yeah, like that would make any difference.
We need to play this one a bit more to get the hang of it.

Next up, PM provided us with:
Final scores:
MC: 21
PH: 31 but won on the tie-breaker.
PM: 31
Come on MC, you’re just embarrassing us now!

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