Games Night 12th January 2017

To kick off the new year, we had a crack at misbehaving with MC’s newly acquired

The players, chosen at random:
AL: Wash
EM: Jayne
MC: Simon
PM: Book
PH: Inara
We attempted the 1st three episodes.
Episode I saw the goods turn up reasonably quickly so the overpowered alliance command ship didn’t cause too much hassle before we managed to get out of there.
Our upgrade purchase increased our crew size by one.
Episode II was a little more problematic. Wash had the face-off with Dobson, but was rescued by Inara.
Patience came late to the party which already featured 2 snipers, a bandit and a Reaver ship.

Book was knocked out, but Simon was able to revive him before being eliminated himself. By the Inevitable conclusion Wash was the only player still standing, with no credits awarded.
Wash’s attempt to rob a train single handed was thwarted by Craw’s immediate appearance.
GAME OVER – Better luck next time, perhaps.

To finish off the evening, we played AL’s offering of

A bit more of a party game than the more ‘series’ games we usually go for, but nevertheless we had a lot of fun with it.
SC joined us after the first round.
Final scores:
AL: 16
EL: 16
MC: 15
PH: 16
PM: 14
SC: 12
The two words of significant transformation were ‘Librarian’ as given to MC, who drew a picture of an orang-utan surrounded by books, PM interpreted it as a lab monkey, AL drew a monkey in a cage is a laboratory, PH interpreted it as a laboratory animal leaving EL to draw a mouse in a maze.
The second, recorded in photo form for posterity was courtesy of PH, who had the deciding choice for all 12 words on his card…
This is what he picked:
This is what he drew:…
SC looked at this obscure construct and came up with this:
AL interpreted this as ‘high horse’ and drew a horse smoking a joint:
PM saw this picture as an animal undergoing medical care so use that well-known often-used phrase:
MC struggled with this, so drew a goat puking up:
EL managed to see this as:

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