Games Night 19th Januray 2016

In a dark and twisted house sat upon a dark an oppressive hill four beleaguered mortals traipsed through the dark front portal into a not so well illuminated hallway. These four unfortunate souls were the less than famous Professor Longfellow (MC), disgraced cheerleader Vivian Lopez (PH), recently distraught Zoe Ingstrom (SF) and Ox Bellows (AL), the instantly forgettable.
Unannounced, uninvited and unwanted, these four trespassers pried further into the overtly oppressive construction, not once being putt off by the fact that the first room before reaching the stairs happened to be a cemetery.
This house had recently undergone a renovation and featured new rooms to explore on a third floor in the room, which was totally ignored.
With all of seven rooms explored, Ox Bellows, managed to trip a haunting. There’s music playing…
I was working in the lab, late one night
When my eyes beheld an eerie sight
For my monster from his slab, began to rise
And suddenly to my surprise
Professor Longfellow did the mash.
None of the criteria for revealing the traitor applied, so it fell to the person next to AL.
With the Graveyard being the only haunt-related room discovered, MC got to pick where the ballroom went (next to the graveyard) as well as two further haunting rooms (also next to the graveyard). Within 3 rounds, 3 extra haunting rooms were added, Ox Bellows slid down and slide and dispatched Dracula before he got a chance to party, and four monsters made it to the ballroom.
They did the mash! They did the monster mash!

Next up, we took on new personae for
MC became Krazztar the Blood o’ Mancer and despite Wil Wheaton’s Krazztar voice stuck in his head, affected a wizened ol’ Scot.
PH chose Lady Lazervere Of The Space Kingdom and had the most disturbing voice of the night…
SF switched to Princess Holiday and her Furicorn who sounded a lot like SF.
AL embodied the role of Pisster the Pissed Wizard who had about three distinct voices.
The game went into four rounds:
Round 1:
SF followed by MC were killed with PH defeating AL.
Round 2:
MC followed by AL were killed with SF defeating PH.
Round 3:
PH followed by SF were killed with MC defeating AL
Round 4:
SF followed by MC well killed with PH defeating AL.
Laservere wins!