Games Night 30th March 2017

Just the two of us again this week.

Tried my £12 acquisition from The Works…fingers crossed it doesn’t suck.
With the rules leaving plenty of room for confusion, we tried the suggested first-time playing set-up first. Took a long time to work out that what you had on the board was it, the rest of the deck and unbought cards didn’t make the cut, so to speak. MC picked the dragons deck, PH went for the mermaids.
PH comfortably won the trial game suffering no casualties (lots of healing abilities there).
Having ‘mastered’ it, we went all in and played a proper game. PH managed to place 6 creatures, MC went for 9 creatures. Turned out PH had a character that could do 2 damage to every enemy creature at a chosen cost. As most of MC’s creatures cost 5, 5 was the number chosen. A lot.

The game ended with PH still have 3 creatures standing.
Did the game suck?
Actually it wasn’t bad at all. Phew! I would happily play this game again. Now to see how it’s supposed to be played as a 4-player…there’s nothing in the rules except for how to draft.

Games Night 16th March 2017

Just three of us this week.
Started off with newly acquired:

Dice were rolled, tiny wooden pieces were moved about. Cards were acquired.

MC (black) ended with 17 points
PH (green) ended with 26 points
SC (red) ended with 15 points

Next up was another new game:

Unfortunately, the helpless humans were very, very trigger happy with their shotguns and it took a while for the zombies to eat any brains.

Eventually the game did end with
MC with 10 brains
PH with 15 brains
Sc with 12 brains

Finally madness and despair came along with:

Being burned alive turned out to be an affliction that was not only completely curable, but an easily and repeatedly transferable ending.
In tradition of the evening PH triggered the end-game event this time by killing off his entire family.

Final score:
Mc (1 dead but has story card allowing him to count still living relatives): 145
PH (all dead): 145
SC (2 dead) 30
Well done PH for being 1st at everything.