Games Night 25th May 2017

Three of us again this week, there are more of us I promise…
KV kindly supplied us with

KV (Sinestro) lead the way by buying up the first two Super Heroes pretty quickly (The Flash and Constantine).
MC (Lex Luthor) and PH (Harley Quinn) also managed to acquire a couple of Super Heroes each, but never really got to use them.

PH ended the game by buying the final Super Hero.
Final scores:
KV: 53
MC: 41
PH: 42

I think KV has played this one before…

Next up was

KV quickly shot up the score track while PH summoned spells with aplomb. MC initially didn’t appear to do much of anything.
The first year passed very quickly and MC decided to get a move on.
The second year passed a bit slower, which was a nice break for everyone.
The third year came and went which meant the game ended.

Final scores:
KV: 164
MC: 147
PH: 189
Interestingly, KV had most his points on the board and not much from his spells; PH had most his points from his spells and not much on the board; MC had equal amount of points from both, which were rubbish.

Well done PH!

Games Night 18th May 2017

KV came back for a second helping, so we must be doing something right.
This week we kicked off with
Five Tribes
played with the artisians and thieves expansions – not that the thieves are ever picked.
The game ended with no legal moves left.
Five Tribes
The Big Spender award went to KV for finishing up with only 4 coins.
The Scottish award went to MC for finishing up with the most money.
The Jafar award went to PH for having the most Yellow Viziers.
The Crafty award went to MC for having the most Purple Artisans. KV’s attempt to assassinate all MC’s Artisans was thwarted when MC summoned Boaz.
The Doddery Old Man award went to PH for having the most White Elders.
The Blistered Palm award went to MC for having the highest Djinn score.
The Calendar award went to KV for the most Palm Trees.
The Air Conditioning award went to PH for the most Palaces.
The You Bastard award went to MC for most Camel points.
The Happy Shopper award was shared by MC And KV for Artefacts acquired.
The Pokémon award for best card collection went to KV.

More importantly the final scores were:
KV (Pink): 119
MC (Blue): 176
PH (Black): 166

Huzzah for MC!

Next up we built up some
Tiny Epic Galaxies
Dice were rolled, ships were moved, energy was acquired and spent, actions were followed.
MC ended the game by acquiring his second 7-point planet.
Tiny Epic Galaxies
KV (Blue) scored 17
MC (Black) scored 22
PH (Green) scored 15

Huzzah again for MC!

We rounded off the evening with
Gloom: Cthulhu
To make it a fair game, KV and MC both mostly picked on PH.
Despite all that PH finished the game by playing the card that removed 1 living member from each family and having 4 dead already.

Final scores:
KV held the Story Card allowing him to count the living giving him -95 points.
MC had to dead family members, one being zeroed out leaving him the grand total of -60 points.
PH had all 4 dead and a score of -150 points.

Not a bad play there PH considering you had a large positive score for a while.

Games Night 11th May 2017

A very warm welcome to KV, who found us via Google. Well done Google.
Cosmic Encounter
was dug out first.
KV (Red) chose the Disease
MC (Black) chose the Machine
PH (Green) chose the Philanthropist

The Disease started it’s invasion from the get-go and forged a colony in the Philanthropist’s system with the Machine who deigned to assist for a quick point.
The Philanthropist retaliated…badly.
The Machine placed a foothold in the Disease’s system, and pretty much stopped doing anything interesting for the remainder of the game. Apart from playing the Disease flare resulting in it going to the Disease.
The Philanthropist manage a forge a couple of colonies but, by then, the Disease was spreading using it’s formidable powers and quickly won the game.
Hurrah for KV!

Next up we brazenly brought forth

It’s been a few years since PH and MC played this as a 2-player, and our memories of it wern’t great.
After half an hour staring at the rules (and the supplemental) we finally got going.
KV (Red) belonged to the Guild of Alchemists
MC (Black) belonged to the Guild of Assassins
PH (Green) also belonged to the Guild of Assassins

Three hours later all three of us were attempting the Final Spell. PH, who’d been trying the longest, looked at the clock, realised it was 12:15 AM, decided to stop mucking about and rolled two winning numbers.
A much better game with more players. Should play this again soon now we know what we’re doing with it.
Hurrah for PH!

The loser’s couch for MC.

Games Night 4th May 2017

Happy Star Wars day everybody!
To celebrate, we played a game that doesn’t have Star Wars in the title:

This week three shiny crewmembers of Serenity attempted to try their luck against the first three levels’ of the game.
MC tried being a leaf on the wind as Wash.
PH was the highest ranked and most misbehaving as Zoe.
PM got gut-shot as Kaylee.
Book, Inara and River were acting crew-members.
Jayne, Mal and Simon comprised the rest of the crew.
Collecting salvage was the objective of round one. Salvage was indeed collected and we high-tailed it before the large Alliance ship caused any trouble.
A health-boost module was then built into Serenity. Nice.
“I swear by my pretty floral bonnet, I will end you.”

Round two saw Kaylee getting gut-shot and Dobson getting in Wash’s face. Dobson and Patience were both successfully defeated, though at a high cost of flaws. The last-minute appearances of the Side-Missions guaranteed their failures and the forfeit of any credits earned.
Round three started badly, deteriorated rapidly. The deaths of Wash, then Kaylee and finally Zoe meant that the winner of the evening was…the goram game.

Games Night 25th April 2017

A very warm welcome to BD who found us on the internet. We hope you had a great time.
In the tradition of all newcomers, BD was miles earlier than anyone else (i.e. on time) and so we had a quick game of

MC uncharacteristically rolled some great dice and got to the grand score of 13 in only a few turns.
BD made it to 3 and then went for broke, did an amazing run to 11 but had to bow out what with all the shotgun blasts to the face.

had been the most voted for so out it came. Thankfully PH did turn up before we started.
Having been long enough since we last played this, we were once again bamboozled by those bloody rules. Got there in the end.

PH triggered the end and the final scores came to:
BD (Green): 21
MC (Red): 28
PH (Nearly Green AKA Blue): 28

Keeping to a theme we then played

Dice were rolled, ships were flown, planets were colonised, dice were re-rolled.

Final scores:
BD (Yellow): 18
MC (Black): 23
PH (Green): 26
Well done PH!

With a few minutes left we played

Round one saw BD with both his house-mates still standing.
Round two saw BD with only one single house-mate still standing.
Round three saw BD score shockingly badly with the last house-mate to leave the house.

Final scores:
BD: 29
MC: 21
PH: 26
Hooray for BD, what a sterling finish!