Games Night 4th May 2017

Happy Star Wars day everybody!
To celebrate, we played a game that doesn’t have Star Wars in the title:

This week three shiny crewmembers of Serenity attempted to try their luck against the first three levels’ of the game.
MC tried being a leaf on the wind as Wash.
PH was the highest ranked and most misbehaving as Zoe.
PM got gut-shot as Kaylee.
Book, Inara and River were acting crew-members.
Jayne, Mal and Simon comprised the rest of the crew.
Collecting salvage was the objective of round one. Salvage was indeed collected and we high-tailed it before the large Alliance ship caused any trouble.
A health-boost module was then built into Serenity. Nice.
“I swear by my pretty floral bonnet, I will end you.”

Round two saw Kaylee getting gut-shot and Dobson getting in Wash’s face. Dobson and Patience were both successfully defeated, though at a high cost of flaws. The last-minute appearances of the Side-Missions guaranteed their failures and the forfeit of any credits earned.
Round three started badly, deteriorated rapidly. The deaths of Wash, then Kaylee and finally Zoe meant that the winner of the evening was…the goram game.

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