Games Night 11th May 2017

A very warm welcome to KV, who found us via Google. Well done Google.
Cosmic Encounter
was dug out first.
KV (Red) chose the Disease
MC (Black) chose the Machine
PH (Green) chose the Philanthropist

The Disease started it’s invasion from the get-go and forged a colony in the Philanthropist’s system with the Machine who deigned to assist for a quick point.
The Philanthropist retaliated…badly.
The Machine placed a foothold in the Disease’s system, and pretty much stopped doing anything interesting for the remainder of the game. Apart from playing the Disease flare resulting in it going to the Disease.
The Philanthropist manage a forge a couple of colonies but, by then, the Disease was spreading using it’s formidable powers and quickly won the game.
Hurrah for KV!

Next up we brazenly brought forth

It’s been a few years since PH and MC played this as a 2-player, and our memories of it wern’t great.
After half an hour staring at the rules (and the supplemental) we finally got going.
KV (Red) belonged to the Guild of Alchemists
MC (Black) belonged to the Guild of Assassins
PH (Green) also belonged to the Guild of Assassins

Three hours later all three of us were attempting the Final Spell. PH, who’d been trying the longest, looked at the clock, realised it was 12:15 AM, decided to stop mucking about and rolled two winning numbers.
A much better game with more players. Should play this again soon now we know what we’re doing with it.
Hurrah for PH!

The loser’s couch for MC.