Games Night 25th May 2017

Three of us again this week, there are more of us I promise…
KV kindly supplied us with

KV (Sinestro) lead the way by buying up the first two Super Heroes pretty quickly (The Flash and Constantine).
MC (Lex Luthor) and PH (Harley Quinn) also managed to acquire a couple of Super Heroes each, but never really got to use them.

PH ended the game by buying the final Super Hero.
Final scores:
KV: 53
MC: 41
PH: 42

I think KV has played this one before…

Next up was

KV quickly shot up the score track while PH summoned spells with aplomb. MC initially didn’t appear to do much of anything.
The first year passed very quickly and MC decided to get a move on.
The second year passed a bit slower, which was a nice break for everyone.
The third year came and went which meant the game ended.

Final scores:
KV: 164
MC: 147
PH: 189
Interestingly, KV had most his points on the board and not much from his spells; PH had most his points from his spells and not much on the board; MC had equal amount of points from both, which were rubbish.

Well done PH!