Games Night 9th November

Due to the random fluctuation in the expected attendance that reached 6 at one point, we were at a loss as to what we were going to play when it eventually transpired that there was only four of us.
While we waited for KV we thought we’d kick off with

by Space Cowboys
KV proptly turned up and had the honour of the first turn and, before long, gems were being collected and cards were being acquired. DA was the first to acquire any prestige points (victory points). TS amassed a huge quantity of blue cards, which then did nothing for him at all. MC quickly amassed cards that stopped him needing any gems. KV was the first to get a visit from a noble. MC was the second, third and fourth to get a noble visit.

Final scores:
DA: 13
KV: 13
MC: 18
TS: 6

Next up we played newly acquired

by Brotherwise Games.
DA was blue
KV was green and won the roll to go first.
MC was red
TS was yellow

Dice were rolled, stones were acquired, ruins were claimed and monuments were built. KV managed a Greater Monument and DA built a Lesser Monument. KV was also able to roll a ridiculous number of 8s on his d8 and 6s on his d6. MC got 4s on his d4. The final End Of Age card was the City of Gold ruin worth 7 points and was successfully unearthed by TS.
Final scores:
DA: 13
KV: 26
MC: 18
TS: 19

To finish off we shuffled together
by White Wizard Games for an excellent 4-player space battle.
First to start and the first to fall was the DA Empire who, despite his remarkable regenerative abilities was crushed by an enourmous attack from the TS Alliance.

The MC Milieu was all set up to destroy the KV Confederacy who, through some remarkable negotiating, swayed his wrath towards the TS Alliance and destroyed his defences. With the TS Alliance unprotected the KV Confederacy struck the fatal blow. With the last of his strength the MC Milieu was able to crush the KV Confederacy who, in their death throws, revealed that they only had 5 scouts with which to retaliate had they survived.

That was a really fun evening (not just because I won two out of the three games). It was great to play three very different games with everyone equally engaged in them all. TS particularly enjoyed Splendor and Star Realms and I wouldn’t be surprised if he got hold of his own copies before too long. I was wary as to how Star Realms would work as a four-player and was very pleasantly surprised as to how well it did work. It did help that we didn’t do too much ganging up on each other.

If you are interested in joining us for a game, check out this site’s FAQ page to find out how.
Until then, keep on gaming!

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