Games Night 30th November 2017

Four of us this week and a warm welcome back to AL.
We played

by Rio Grande Games as provided by DA.
A new one for HG and MC with AL and DA not having played it for some time.
DA appraised us of the rules and very kindly left out all the expansion extras for our first go at this.
Upon the first ship building phase we bombarded DA with “What’s this?”, “What does this one do?” and the ever popular, “What the hell is that?” as each tile was revealed. With AL, DA and HG having finished their ships to their satisfaction, they waiting for MC who, seeing it as the untimed round, revealed every tile in the quest to find what he wanted. It wasn’t there.

So we sent the ships off on their adventure. Many planets were visited, derelict space stations were ransacked and astronauts were sacrificed to the hungry ing and many spaces were travelled backwards. The end of the journey saw all ships unscathed and monies were awarded. MC had the best-looking ship with 0 exposed ports.
Round two saw the first “timed” building of the ships with DA apparently more keen to turn the timer than build his ship. Again, MC was the last to complete his to his satisfaction.
The second voyage amongst the stars was only marginally more eventful than the first with only superficial damage done to a couple of ships. MC had the fastest ship with 6 engines and again won the best-looking ship award with 0 exposed ports.
In round three, the ships were built and sent off into the great unknown, known, and kinda heard of. DA’s ship immediately lost its entire crew and drifted aimlessly in space. With MC’s ship in the front, it was down to him to repel a series of pirate attacks. Which he did. And got paid very handsomely too for it, thank you very much. HG’s ship then fell foul to numerous asteroid strikes that disabled all of its engines. As far as we know, her crew are still out there, sitting around a spacesuit-fuelled campfire singing kumbaya and toasting whatever it is in the green cubes with marshmallow toasting forks nobody remembers packing for an interstellar journey. I suppose they would be pretty handy eye-pokers for repelling boarders, as long as they have eyes and don’t have acid for blood…

…Anyway…AL’s and MC’s ships went on to actually complete their treks and earned money type stuff. MC once again had the most gobsmackingly open-portless ship (okay, there was 1 this time but shhh!).
Final scores:
AL: 53
DA: 7
HG: 24
MC: 95
Well done MC getting more than everyone else combined.

If you like what you have seen here and are local to Bedford, then check out our FAQ page.

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