Games Night 18th January 2018

Three of us this week.
First up was HG’s latest acquisition:

By Fantasy Flight Games?
Once the rules were read and understood – actually the rules were pretty well explained in the rulebook, which was nice..
HG won the first round with 3 banners with MC and SC with two banners apiece.
To make it a little easier to play we made up the grid using thread.

MC won that round.
Next up we played 2 games of

By Wizkids
MC dominated the first game with the final scores being:

MC: 23
HG: 7
SC: 4
The second game used the same cards to keep things straightforward for HG.

HG and SC were able to quickly amass a good number of Glory with MC stuck on 1 Glory for much of the game. MC did manage a comeback and stopped SC from achieving victory, however it was HG who managed to secure first place this time.

Final scores:
MC & SC: 15

Games Night 11th January 2018

This is my 1st games night summary for Board Games In Bedford.
This time six of us played StarCraft: The Board Game by Fantasy Flight Games (
The players:
AL: Aldaris (Orange Protoss)
AM: Arcturus Mengsk (Red Terran)
HG: Kerrigan, Queen Of Blades (Purple Zerg)
KV: The Overmind (Green Zerg)
MC: Tassadar (Yellow Protoss)
SF: James Raynor (Blue Terran)

Photos from the event:

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Games Night 4th January 2018

Five of us this week.
The game of this night with the all-time highest number of votes with 4 votes was:
Betrayal At House On The Hill
By Avalon Hill with the Widow’s walk expansion.
The players were:
AL – Darren ‘Flash’ Williams
DA – Brandon Jaspers
MC – Professor Longfellow
PH – Madame Zastra
SF – Zoe Ingstrom

In the way it always is in these things, it was a dark and stormy night. Four intrepid explorers and one failed hitchhiker coincidentally found themselves atop a hill besides a mysterious yet insanely designed house. Driven by some compulsion that they didn’t even bother to attempt thinking about resisting, these five idiots illegally entered the house. Knowing that staying together was perhaps the best approach to self-preservation, everyone dashed off in different directions to different floors. Madame Zastra was able to acquire a handy everyday tool, the chainsaw, which is just the thing one wants when exploring a weird-ass house with the bathroom in the roof. Not much of anything else happened and more and more of the house’s improbable layout was discovered. Suddenly, due to something that Brandon Jaspers did, or didn’t do or was thinking when he did or didn’t do it, the HAUNTING #92 kicked in.

In a surprise twist, the betrayer this time turned out to be… no one! The shock! The horror! The contravention of the Trade Descriptions Act,,,if fact, I saw no ‘hill’ and no house is built like this…
The house was to be fully searched and a tribute given to the ghost each turn.
The criteria for the tributes were provided by the five loonies sitting round the table:
Not a weapon
Used in a kitchen
Can be ingested
Nothing was ever blue.
The rest of the house was dutifully searched and stuff was dutifully given to the ghost. Professor Longfellow was fortunate enough to locate the final room and finished this story by exiting the house. The other four presumably just left when they felt like it.