Games Night 22nd February 2018

Three players this week, I’m thinking of changing the day we have this.

First up we played:

as provided by KV and by Czech Games Edition
A new one for all three of us.

KV (Yellow) mainly dominated the green food and wood wheel, HG (Red) enjoyed the brown resource wheel and MC (Green) made much use of the red and yellow wheels (and the blue one too). These were the wheels we sat closest too…

At game end the scores were:
HG: 15
KV: 27
MC: 47
Hurrah for MC!

HG then bowed out leaving MC and KV to play:

by Bombyx
MC quickly explained the rules to KV and dives were…um…dived, Lords were acquired and locations were located.

Final scores:

Player KV MC
Location VPs 10 9
Lord VPs 45 50
Affiliate VPs 19 15
Monster VPs 7 3
Total Score 81 77

Very well done to KV!

An evening where we can’t win at out own games.
Good stuff!

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