Games Night 22nd May 2018

A very warm welcome to LP who found us through this website.
LP arrived fashionably early and so we had a quick game of:

by White Wizard Games
LP quickly developed his strength and hammered MC, but MC had invested heavily in the Trade Federation and was able to regenerate a lot of authority.

In the end MC was victorious dealing a solid 23 point blow to LP.

With all players now present we played:

by FryxGames

This time we played as named corporations with:
KV being in charge of
LP was CO of
MC attempted to run
PH performed as head honcho of

This time round, it appeared that being able to breath was the highest priority with the Oxygen levels reaching 14% first.

Next up, Mars sported its ninth body of water.

Closely followed by a much warmer temperature.

Three Awards were funded: Thermalist (MC), Landlord (LP) and Miner (KV)
Three Milestones were claimed: Mayor (LP), Gardener (LP, and Builder (KV)

Final scores:
KV (Yellow): 56
LP (Blue): 73
MC (Red): 56
PH (Green): 54

Very well done LP!!!

Games Night 15th May 2018

Tonight three of us had a go at terraforming Mars in the game:

by FryxGames
Being very confident early on MC funded the Thermalist Award (PH won that).
All three players achieved a Milestone.
The temperature was turned up very quickly closely followed by the oxygen levels. PH managed to finish off the Terraforming of Mars by placing the last two water tiles.

Final scores:
HG: 75
MC: 74
PH: 91

Games Night 10th May 2018

Just the two of us this week.
So we kicked of with a game of:

by Fantasy Flight Games
We played the preconstructed decks so HG playes as Rey and Finn, and MC played as Kylo Renn and a First Order Stormtrooper.

Rey was the first to fall, closely followed by the stormtrooper.
However, Finn was no match for Kylo Renn meaning that the dark side were the victors.

Next up we played 2 rounds of:

by White Wizard Games

The first round saw HG being able to eliminate MC with all of 3 Authority Points left.

Round two saw MC utilise much of the Draw and Extra card mechanics and won the game by dealing a 43 damage blow to HG.

Lots of fun space-related card games.

Games Night 17th April 2018

Another quick summary of a games night that happened nearly a month ago.
This week four of us played:

by Hexagames.
Dice were rolled, barrels were bought and sold, installations were built and demolished and not all that many doubles were rolled.
HG managed to not strike oil until a pumping station cost $90 million so didn’t bother.

KV announced the billion thus putting us into the endgame.
Final scores:
HG: 1132
KV: 1593
MC: 1887
PH: 1777
Everyone reached the billion, but MC did it better.

Games Night 27th March 2018

Having failed to do a write-up for this nearer the time, this is going to be an even briefer overview than usual.
3 players: KV, PH and MC
The games:

by Days Of Wonder
I had made note of whom was what and what did where, but I lost em.

The important thing to note was that MC won.

We also played MC’s newly acquired

by Cryptozoic Entertainment
We managed to play an entire game with all 3 of us attaining the Last Wizard Standing token. MC, however, was able to get his second one.