Games Night 3rd May 2018

This week HG and MC had a go at

by Fryxgames

We played as basic corporations and it took us 3 hours to turn a game from this:

into this:

Despite the complexity and game length, we really enjoyed Terraforming Mars.
Final scores:
HG: 75
MC: 81

Games Night 17th April 2018

Another quick summary of a games night that happened nearly a month ago.
This week four of us played:

by Hexagames.
Dice were rolled, barrels were bought and sold, installations were built and demolished and not all that many doubles were rolled.
HG managed to not strike oil until a pumping station cost $90 million so didn’t bother.

KV announced the billion thus putting us into the endgame.
Final scores:
HG: 1132
KV: 1593
MC: 1887
PH: 1777
Everyone reached the billion, but MC did it better.

Games Night 27th March 2018

Having failed to do a write-up for this nearer the time, this is going to be an even briefer overview than usual.
3 players: KV, PH and MC
The games:

by Days Of Wonder
I had made note of whom was what and what did where, but I lost em.

The important thing to note was that MC won.

We also played MC’s newly acquired

by Cryptozoic Entertainment
We managed to play an entire game with all 3 of us attaining the Last Wizard Standing token. MC, however, was able to get his second one.