Games Night 10th May 2018

Just the two of us this week.
So we kicked of with a game of:

by Fantasy Flight Games
We played the preconstructed decks so HG playes as Rey and Finn, and MC played as Kylo Renn and a First Order Stormtrooper.

Rey was the first to fall, closely followed by the stormtrooper.
However, Finn was no match for Kylo Renn meaning that the dark side were the victors.

Next up we played 2 rounds of:

by White Wizard Games

The first round saw HG being able to eliminate MC with all of 3 Authority Points left.

Round two saw MC utilise much of the Draw and Extra card mechanics and won the game by dealing a 43 damage blow to HG.

Lots of fun space-related card games.

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